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La Bodega de Lajares is a gastrobar specialising in natural wines from the Canary Islands and other local products such as the spectacular cheeses that you can share as a starter or as an aperitif. It is a place where eating in Fuerteventura becomes a journey of the senses to the heart of our volcanic lands full of contrasts. At La Bodega de Lajares you will find not only a place to taste cheeses and wines from the islands, but also tables where we share food and wine with surf lovers from different parts of Europe and the local inhabitants.

At La Bodega de Lajares, eating in Fuerteventura also means discovering the natural wines produced by a new generation of winemakers who have managed to bring our wines back to a very high level of excellence.

If you are looking for a place to eat in the north of Fuerteventura, near El Cotillo and Corralejo, La Bodega de Lajares is your meeting point with the best wines and atmosphere in a village full of charm.

Share at the table a selection of Majorero cheeses and cheeses from the Canary Islands and some of our toasts together with wines that, we are sure, will surprise you.

Live your experience

We want La Bodega de Lajares to be a space for art, wine and good food. A place that welcomes everyone and where the best meetings and talks take place.

Eating in the north of Fuerteventura: Lajares

Lajares is a village situated between two of the best known and most attractive areas of the island: El Cotillo and Corralejo. Only 10 minutes by car from both areas, Lajares is a village that has managed to maintain its calm and its spirit of a place where you can enjoy the most authentic Fuerteventura, together with the local gastronomy.

The village of Lajares is a redoubt of white houses where you can experience another rhythm and a more conscious, perhaps more peaceful way of life.

The arid desert landscape with a few palm trees that sprout carefree in the surroundings is a perfect destination for nature lovers and hikers of all levels. At the Bodega de Lajares you will meet some of these but also surfers of different nationalities and visitors in search of wine and lively conversation.

Buying natural wines from the Canary Islands

As well as a restaurant to eat in Fuerteventura, La Bodega de Lajares is a gastrobar and wine cellar where you can buy the wines you like best. The Canary Islands have 10 denominations of origin and their natural wines are of an astonishing richness and variety. Natural wine is understood to be that in whose processes neither pesticides for the vineyards nor additives of any kind have been used in its production.

The wines of the Canary Islands will surprise you with their peculiarities: they are wines made with native grapes such as Malvasía, Listán or Marmajuelo. Their vineyards surrounded by the sea and volcanic soils make these particular wines envelop you in authentic sensations, smells and flavours. Come and taste the natural wines of the islands at La Bodega de Lajares!



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About us

Today our goal is that the food we are going to serve you and the wines or beers you will taste here are the co-protagonists of your visit because the rest of who we are is up to you.

La Bodega de Lajares is a gastrobar and wine bar always under construction, because without your conversations and toasts these wines would not make sense.

Welcome to La Bodega de Lajares!

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